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The Assassin is designed from the ground up for combat.

LOOK MA, NO FINS!!!!  I have had the fins knocked off my combat wings so many times I specificly set out to design a plane that didn't need them.  The new stable design flies so well without a rudder or fins I don't even miss them.  Having a plane without fins is great for combat, yard flying and simply loading it in the car without breaking something off.  If you watch the videos you will see the plane showing off its stability in slow flight.  This is the only power plane I know that is this aerobatic and stable without fins.

We have had a custom 16 gauge stainless steel motor mount machined for the Assassin.  It is strong enough to hold up in combat but light enough to let the plane fly. The plane comes with a 3mil laminate that adds incredible strength and protects the foam and tape from UV light.

We designed the plane to be a quieter more neighbor friendly plane by using a larger prop turning at a slower speed.  Watch the videos and notice the difference in the sound between the planes.  Planes that turn a smaller propeller at higher speed not only make a louder noise but it is a more piercing and irritating sound.

The new Assassin will fly slow making it a better plane for combat.  It is not the fast plane that gets the most hits but the plane that can fly slow in formation that makes the most contact.  It still has a good top speed of over 70 mph on the recommended motor and battery.  At 15 oz The Assassin is capable of vertical climbs and can be set up to roll like crazy.  It is a safe plane because it weighs only 15 oz.  Many combat planes are close to 30 oz which is heavy enough to inflict personal or property damage in an accident.  The Assassin has a soft leading edge, the prop in back and a low overal weight.  In the videos I repeatedly catch the plane.  This is not something I would do with most planes. 

The Assassin is designed to take a beating and keep on flying. It is wire cut from solid, extra thick 1.3 pound EPP foam so you can bury the battery, radio and motor in the EPP foam for those people who really want to hit something. This entire wing is built of solid EPP, not just an EPP leading edge like some of the manufacturers are doing to save money.  It also comes with 1.9 lb EPP foam elevons.  The EPP elevons are just as flexible as the wing reducing combat rash and keeping you in the air while the competition is out for repairs. 

 We cover the elevons with bidirectional reinforced tapeand a layer of laminate to make them stiff.  The bidirectional tape does not need a spray adhesive to stick to the EPP foam and can be applied quickly, greatly reducing the building time.  It is strength rated at over 150 lbs per square inch making it a match in heaven for EPP foam. A layer of laminate over the top adds even more strength.

We have seen these planes do parking lot dives, hit trees and walls, and most desirable of all hit other planes in combat and survive with no damage to plane or radio. I'm sure we could find a way to break it but with the new bidirectional tape and EPP it will really take a beating.

We are cost conscious.  These wings have been designed to fly well with an inexpensive $6 motor and a 1300 3S battery to save on overall cost on a high performance plane.

The Assassin is a new club combat favorite. We dare you to try to smash it up!

You can order your own 36"" EPP  Assassin and see our other products at www.crashtesthobby.com

Build Instructions  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1052384

Here is a shopping list for beginners If you are just getting into the hobby


 Here are some videos of the Assassin

Here are some videos showing other flying wing adventures:


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