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Videos and pictures from the April 2011 sWARm.


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A limited-purpose website for announcing upcoming Un-Civil Wars is now online:


UPDATE:  Another great Un-Civil War has come and gone.  A gazillion hits and even more smiles.


9:00 AM TILL 5:00 PM

 Come enjoy a day of combat at the Sod Farm.
There is ample room for any other type of flying as well.

 Electric aircraft only!


Take Orem Center Street Exit
and go West to Geneva Road.
Go South on Geneva Road to
400 South. Go West on 400
South 1 block to Vineyard Road.
Go North on Vineyard Road and
follow signs to sod farm.

To join the discussion of local RC flying in Utah, check out the Utah Flyers Organization forum on RCGroups .



 This is a link to my blog at with suggestions on how to get started in radio control.

 I love radio control as a hobby and highly encourage you to look seriously at flying with us.  My wife even thinks it is a good hobby.  She says it is a lot cheaper than therapy!

People with intrest in radio control airplanes have many questions but often don't want to bother some one to get all of the answers.  For the last 2 years I have been writing down the questions new flyers ask.  In this blog I have tried to answer many of the basic questions that we hear over and over.  Hopefully this link will give you enough information that you will be able to get a basic knowledge so you can make decisions with confidence. 

The first entry on the list is a shopping list that has links to sources where you can purchase the supplies, but even more important is you can see pictures so you know what it looks like and about how much it costs.  

 There are many equipment options.  I have tried to find the least expensive way to get started with good equipment, good flying trainers and high performance planes that won't be quickly outdated. 

Many of the items are available at local retailers and don't have to be purchased on line but at least you will have some advice on what to look for.

Please give feedback and ask questions.  We hope to see you flying.


The UFO’s are using Art Dye park for flying and American Fork City does not currently have any issues with us using the park. Obeying these rules will help ensure we are able to fly here in the future. Breaking these rules may be reported by local residents and that’s all it would take to loose this paradise.


1. You must call out your channel and check that both flight lines are clear for your channel prior to flying. If someone has already called and cleared a channel & is flying and you turn on your transmitter or receiver you will be responsible for damage. This payment is to be generous enough to replace damaged parts and time to replace. Avoid this by calling out channel prior to turning on TX or RX.

2. There are 2 flight lines. One is for hand launched planes & one is for planes with landing gear. Please do not fly in both areas on same flight.

3. If you want to fly over asphalt but don’t want to launch & land over asphalt you may do so, but must immediately fly over asphalt for entire flight until landing.

4. During combat sessions any aircraft flying in grass area is a target. Damage done to planes during combat is your own fault. Do not fly combat planes over asphalt unless fling a non combat flight.

5. If you are flying a plane with landing gear but want to fly over grass but don’t want to launch & land over grass you may do so, but must immediately fly over grass for entire flight until landing.

6. Deliberate flying behind the flight line & from flight line to flight line is prohibited.

7. It is strongly recommended that members do not fly alone.

8. Children are NOT permitted around any aircraft unless under the direct

supervision of an adult. Please understand the considerable time & money invested by others in the aircraft.

9. Helicopter flights are allowed in the grass areas only.

10. No aircraft over 40 oz. or 40" wingspan may be flown over asphalt without a spotter, flying these planes over grass without a spotter is allowed.

11. No flying over ball fields when they are in use. No flying over any other people not involved with flying at any time. No flying when other organized activities are occurring in the park, ie soccer, t-ball etc. Flying will always be discontinued if the activities occur.

12. A range check must be performed before every maiden flight.

13. Your name & phone number should be included somewhere on your aircraft.


1. NO power source other than electric is allowed. No gas or alcohol powered aircraft are allowed.

2. Pilots shall make appropriate announcement when taking off, landing, or emergency situations.

3. Compliance to these safety rules is the responsibility of each participant.


5. The closest ER in case of accident is AF Hospital 170 North 1100 East. Go East on 700 North past temple until 1100 East. Turn right or South on 1100 East and hospital will be down the hill past 4 way stop on the left.

6. Alcohol consumption & smoking is NOT allowed in the park.

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