Saturday, February 24, 2018

Im new at flying how do I start out?

 Lots of time and wasted money can be thrown at rc airplanes. Especially when you first start out. I wasted a lot of my money when I first started because I purchase components that didnt work well together and my planes crashed and broke because I thought I could just buy a plane and start flying. I didnt know what I was doing.

Spend Time With the Utah Flyers Organization 

If your really interested in flying go and hang out with members of the club. They will show you what works and give you great advice and tips. They can offer advice on what planes to purchase, they can buddy box with you until you learn how to fly and they can help you chose the right gear for your plane. Lee has a great blog for those getting started.

Dont Buy Junk

 One thing I wish I had done when I started was to get nice equipment that would meet my needs as my interests expanded. I purchased a really old 4 channel jr radio. It worked fine with my slowstick which I was trying to learn on but when I decided I wanted to fly a combat wing I realized I needed mixing capabilites. Next I purchased a Flash 5 which provided mixing and travel adjustments. It was a step up but I soon found problems with glitching and channel conflicts. Finnally I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Spektrum a nice computer transmitter on the 2.4 ghz range.

 Looking back I wish I had started with the spektrum. After all the sub par stuff I went through I could have bought the nice gear. If you decide you no longer are interested the junk doesnt sell but if you have nice gear its easy to sell.

 Same thing goes for batteries, motors, recievers, etc... I purchased a bunch of cheap low c rated batteries. After all of them puffed I decided I better spend a little more and get a higher rated battery.

 You know those planes that come with the radio and everything you need. Most of the time they are all integrated parts so you cant reuse components. Everyplane is eventually going to crash or you will want to move to a different plane. Get components that you can reuse and swap out.

Get some simulator time

Its much cheaper to crash a plane on the computer then in real life. You can really improve your skills and get comfortable practicing on a simulator. RealFlight G4 is great but for most folks starting out a little expensive. There is a free simulator that can get you started called FMS. The graphics are lacking but it helps you get oriented and used to controling the plane. If you have a spektrum or JR you can even use your own transmitter to interface with the simulater.

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